To receive a work visa for China, participants must undergo TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training or possess a valid TEFL certificate. This certification can cost over $500 USD. However, for AYC participants without a TEFL certificate, our program will cover your certification cost, and you will be awarded an official TEFL certificate upon completion of orientation. Training is divided into online and in-class sections: the online courses must be completed before your visa can be processed, and are complemented  by a week of training during orientation in Shanghai.


When you arrive in Shanghai, there will be an orientation before you depart for your host school. The orientation includes the second half of your TEFL training and a final exam, training in the use of teaching materials, information about living and working in China, and a chance to see Shanghai and create community with your fellow AYC participants. At the end, everyone will leave for their respective cities, but hopefully, you will have spent a fair amount of your time networking and making new friends, so when you want to travel around China, you'll have a place to stay!

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Chinese Language

Are you a language learner? AYC has something for Chinese learners of all levels. AYC partners with companies to provide weekly online Chinese lessons that are tailored to your language ability while in China. For absolute beginners, you will receive a crash course in daily, conversational Chinese before your departure and at the orientation. The support and language learning opportunities that AYC provides will help you better navigate life in China, whether making friends, communicating with colleagues or exploring the country. We’ll see you in the classroom!

This year, we are partnered with Mandarin House which provides our Education Ambassadors with 40 Chinese classes for 10 months.